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Surface Tweak Tool for Surface Pro 2 - Release!


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Now Surface Tweak Tool for ALL Surface Pro -- *NEW Version*

Hello everyone,

I am very excited to present to you a little software that I have develop for you guys: Surface Tweak Tool for the Surface Pro 2 (will work with Surface Pro 1 and 3 as well. However, unsupported options will be grayed out)

This simple tweak tool has been designed to be easy to use, and gives you interesting options and information about your device. The software is fully free, no tool bars, or anything alike!

Now Supports Surface Pro 1, 2, and 3!


Surface Tweak Tool gives you detail battery information and system information.
Information displayed are the ones that is been requested a lot on this forum, including system firmware version and Intel integrated graphic driver version:

Access features that are missing for the Intel integrated graphics, due to the lack of Control Panel.
This includes the ability to fix the banding issue and dynamic contrast ratio that occurs to Surface Pro 2 users when on battery, and more.

System tweaks to improve the Windows experience of your Surface Pro.

Surface Tweak Tool give you the ability to do precise pen calibration based on your preference, including a new 308 point calibration mode with edge precision tracking enhancement.
And a new 80-point pen calibration that makes it quick to calibrates and give you surprisingly good results when doing note-taking.
All calibrations are specifically designed for the Surface Pro 2, giving you better corner tracking and works edge-to-edge.

Simple, quick, touch friendly, Surface Tweak Tool is a must have.
Check it out!

Version History
-> Improved - Reworked the Intel driver fix, to allow more colors, and disable Intel Display Power Saving Technology on battery (aka: Dynamic Contrast Ratio) on the Surface Pro line.
-> New - High-DPI support.
-> Improved - Support for latest Intel drivers.
-> Improved - 80-points calibration.
-> New - Banding issue test (reduction of colors)
-> New - Show/Hide Intel's Graphics Control Panel item on the desktop right-click menu.
-> Improved - Turn off the Intel's dynamically adjust the contrast ratio with latest system firmware.
-> New - Start Windows' Personalize Handwriting Recognition panel under Pen Calibration section
-> New - Left handed pen calibration option (80-points calibration only)
-> New - Portrait and Landscape pen calibration. Simply turn the Surface Pro in portrait mode, and the software will execute the proper calibration.
-> New - Works with Surface Pro 3 (all options are available except pen calibration)
-> Font size fix for About and System information panels
-> Minor interface fixes and improvements.
-> New - Show / Hide the power button on the Start Screen.
-> New - Create custom resolution.
-> New - Help document about calibrating the pen properly.
-> New - Special Thanks page.
-> New - Ability to maximize program window.
-> Minor interface fixes and improvements.
-> New - Quick 60 point calibration, providing impressive results.
-> New - Option to have larger scroll bars for easier pen and touch navigation in Windows desktop.
-> Fix a bug where the wear level can return a negative number under a certain condition.
-> Improved pen calibration screen for easier navigation.
-> Resolution and orientation check before calibration starts, to make sure it will work before starting the process.
-> Removal of 'Maximize performance when plugged in' because its already in Windows Power Plan of the Surface Pro 2.
-> Typo fixed.
-> Minor GUI bug fix.
-> Dependency problem fixed. Should be working for everyone now.
-> You can now scale the window.
-> Program is DPI aware (doesn't scale large by default, but you can manually scale the window and everything will go big)
-> Warning about calibration not working with Wacom Feel Driver added
-> Improved descriptions of options.
-> Initial Release

Version: - Beta
Nv GPU Pro - Surface Tweak Tool

Surface Tweak tool is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation or Intel. Use this software at own risk.

What do you think?
Well, what do you think? Any bugs or issues? Feature request? Got any comments?
Let us hear you :)
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I will try when I get some free time. I'm especially interested in the Stylus calibration and intel options. If this could fix my flicker while using newer intel drivers I would be very happy :)



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Pen calibration don't start for me! Does it work with wacom feel driver or I have to uninstall it?

The software was designed for a Surface Pro 2 drivers in mind. If I am not mistaken, Wacom uses its own calibration system, so it can't be changed to add more points and decide where the points will be. However, if someone knows, I'll gladly add support for it. I will mention that it won't work with Wacom Feel Drivers in the program on the next version. Thanks for the reminder.
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I'll try to uninstall the wacom driver.
I'm having another issue: I can see no information about battery, RAM and firmware


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I'll try to uninstall the wacom driver.
I'm having another issue: I can see no information about battery, RAM and firmware

Interesting... Did you extract all files?
Try putting them on the desktop, does that help?

The problem is that the program can't seam to access System.dll, 'cause that is where all the code to get that info is.


It can't work neither with the wacom driver uninstalled.
I extract all files on the desktop and put them in a folder


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When you uninstall the drivers, does your pen work properly (like if it was out of the box), did you check for Windows updates afterwards?
Make sure that System.dll is 34.5 KB (35,328 bytes) in size (36.0 KB size on disk), by accessing the file properties. Just to be sure it was a not a miss download.

Hmm I may have an idea why it doesn't work.
I need to look into it.
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Downloaded the zip, expanded it, found the .exe but app doesn't open. Running from shell prompt also shows the starting up indicator, still app doesn't open, and no error message.

Does the app need to be in a system directory? Can't see that I've done anything out of the ordinary re: running apps, but maybe I'm missing something.


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Ok it would seam that the software need some files it is dependent on, to make it work properly.
Sorry about that guys. While I thought I made that, clearly I didn't do it right. I'm pulling the link for now, while I look into it.
If you guys don't mind, can you try installing Visual C++ Redistribution files: Download Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from Official Microsoft Download Center
(close my software before hand. Be sure it's closed in the task manager), and now try. Only takes a few seconds.

Thanks guys, and sorry again!