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Can not access WD Passport


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Hello, when I connect my passport, I see that Windows Explorer recognizes it but the WD app does not. The passport is what I have been using with my Dell with no problems. Maybe my passport needs to unrecognized Dell? But not sure how to do that. Any help would be great. Thanks!
Why did you start a new thread? You already asked the same question in the other thread. Your Passport Software will not work on Windows RT, you can access the drive through Explorer. Maybe at some point Western Digital will release a Windows Store App for the Passport Series, but until then treat like any other normal external hard drive.
Why can't I access my files in my Passport even in Explorer? It's 1TB but it says there are no free space when I go to Properties. There's a WD app but why is it saying that there are no recognized drives connected. I basically can not use it like any other external harddrive in this case.
Have you looked in Disk Management to see if it needs to be initialized? It may be coming up as an unrecognized disk, also it may be drawing more power than the single USB port can deliver (i.e. the drive uses a "split USB cable, one for power and one for data). We really need much more info, such is this a 2.5" portable or a 3.5" Desktop External Drive? Which Model? How is it formatted and is it encrypted?
This drove me crazy for a long time. I have a few wd passport external drives which worked fine with windows 7 as identified on many posts. Though as indicated previously they CAN work on windows 8.1 RT. They will work as a normal drive as long as you do not have a password on the drive. The wd software will not work on windows RT, but the drive will work as normal, if there is no password on the wd drive. Use a computer with out windows RT on it and remove your password. Then plug it into your surface with windows RT.