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Solved Having trouble connecting my external HD to my SP3


What hardware issues? The surface line meets the requirements for the usb 3.0 specification. Just because other devices supply more power than the minimum required by the spec does not mean that the surface has hardware issues.
Does it? Have you tested that out with X number of devices. If enough external HDDs that also are said to be USB 3 and USB 2 compliant are having issues with SP3, doesnt it call for an "unbiased" checking?

PS: WiFi, BT, My Pen does not PAIR.. (Googled the pen issue and its quite prevalant)


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My X61T (7 years old) can support an external HD that I have but SP3 wont. And then people tell me that this should be standard.

I think we should get MS to address these HARDWARE issues as they have not been in the business for too long.

The USB port on the SP3 works fine. It is providing a lower power out, but still completely in USB 3 specs. Some drives can work on lower power, some can't, but that's not the fault of Microsoft or the SP3.

If you really want justice, then start a campaign for all the external device manufacturers to start publishing on the boxes of their devices, the power requirements, and then the consumer can know for sure if their device will work or not.