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Can Windows 10 Smartphones Convert the Masses?


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What do you guys think of the transformative power of Windows 10? Is it robust and refined enough that we might be able to convert Android and iPhone fans into using Windows 10 smartphones?

cereal killer

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That is the million dollar question my friend. My thoughts are this. MSFT is making some huge headway in the Android space in regards to their apps. I hear/read a lot of people (Android/iPhone crowd) talking very highly about the Microsoft's apps that they are seeing in their "stores". I think that in time it will begin to pique their interest to see whats going on in the Windows 10 Mobile space. If it's thriving (apps included) with some compelling handsets I believe it will bring in some new converts.

I think it will bring in more of the Android crowd though. Apple fans seem focused solely on the Apple brand, while Android fans seem to be more open to other platforms ESPECIALLY if it offers the same or even better user experience. Purely my opinion of these two camps but I was in one of them (Android)


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It seems like WP 8.1 etc etc etc was OK it was the Apps that killed it. I wont make a prediction on whether the right Apps will come. Right now even the W10 built in apps regressed and don't cut it. Maybe that's a reverse strategy to lure in devs to field replacements for the basics.


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Continuum was the dream I always wanted... being able to turn my phone into a desktop computer, wow! But now it's really here, I don't care about it any more lol. I guess dreams move on. Maybe if I started using it I'd find it helpful; they need to release a Surface Phone flagship so I'll be bothered enough to try it out :)


I have an iphone personal, and a windows phone for work. The number 1 thing I like better about my windows phone is that no matter what kind of car I'm in (I rent a lot for work) when I connect to bluetooth, text messages are read to me automatically, and I am prompted by voice to respond or not. Absolutely the best feature I've seen on a phone yet. I can be driving a car I'm not used to in a city I've never been in, and getting a text message is not distracting, or a safety concern. If they would make commercials showing that one feature, I would think the sales would increase.