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Can't charge my Surface Laptop on planes

Can you charge on a plane with your Surface Laptop?

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When I plug into the between-seat plug on KLM/SAS/Delta .. The power cable lights up for a second then the plug light goes off.
I'm using the standard power brick.

HELP - I'm flying 14 hours to Singapore Saturday. I need power!

Thanks for any help


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I'm afraid this can't be solved. I had issues using my Surface 3 in the train in the Netherlands. As soon as I connected the device to the power outlet I saw ghost clicks and every few seconds the windows button seemed to be pressed. That has something to do with the sort of power in the train


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I did not have the same problem with my MacBook Pro that has a similar spec.
Has anyone tried 3rd party power bricks, perhaps a 60W model?


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I charge my Surface Book 2 1TB 15 inch and Surface Book 512 on planes (Delta, Alaska, United, Eva) with the OEM charger. I also have used the USB charging port simultaneously (Alaska, Eva).
Yet, i have not traveled with my laptop in Plane and i also don't know whether my laptop also have to face the same issue or not. But, still give me suggestion in advance for Microsoft Surface Laptop (Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB) - Platinum if it also have the same problem or not? :)