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Can't detach tablet


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When I press the detach key I get a message telling me that I cannot detach until I resolve issues with several Apps (yourphone and lockapps)


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Let's check something, @pbloyd,

I assume you have a Surface Book with Performance Base, though your profile still shows "SPro3".

This likely means you have chosen to use the Performance Graphics processor with those apps. If you do not choose to close those apps. then check whether your Power settings choose to use "Maximum Performance" for graphics, and your NVIDIA or graphics processor settings.


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I agree if your apps are using the Nvidia graphics card it's located in the base and if you separate the clipboard for the base the app doesn't have access to the Nvidia card. I've gone in to the Nvidia Control panel to switch the app to use the Intel graphics.


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I have the Surface Book 1 with GPA and I have the same problem.

The big issue is that it tells me to resolve apps I don't know how to resolve:
* LockApp
* StartMenuExperienceHost
* YourPhone

I don't even know how to close the first three down!