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"Ready to Detach" message stays on screen


New Member
When I detach the screen from my Surface Book, sometimes the "Ready to Detach" message stays on my screen and I can't get rid of it.

It's just an annoyance but I want to resolve it. Any suggestions?

Wayne Orwig

Active Member
That happened to me about the second time that I detached the screen. I had held the button for a LONG time, and there were likely a lot of things going on in the background, like downloading updates.
It hasn't happened again.


It has happened to me several times. I can only make it go away to reattaching the screen then remove again. hopefully they will fix.


Happens to me A LOT! I think one of two things causes it... detaching too quickly or accidentally touching the screen while I detach.


It happens to me occasionally, and I'm not detaching too quickly or slowly or touching the screen. Reattaching and detaching again gets rid of the message.