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Can't install from store


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Every time I want to load something from the store I get a message saying unable to complete purchase then another sub-message saying the internet connection is too slow - try another connection. However the connection is pretty fast and has always worked before and I can connect to other sites and use facilities without issue - its only the store that behaves like this. Any idea how to get around this please? Its driving me mad.


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This forum is awesome - All I do is put up a post explaining a problem - then it fixes itself!!! - no idea why or how but after several days of not updating the Surface sprung into life this morning and updated and installed everything - pure magic! Perhaps it was having a Christmas break!


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Glad we could help :)

There are some nasty router exploits running in the wild, might want to make sure yours is not vulnerable. Otherwise it may have just had too much holiday cheer and needed a rest. :)

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