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Can't open Onenote 2013 with Surface Pen Button


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I went into options, advanced in the program itself to select the option "Make Onenote 2013 (desktop) the default program etc..." Whenever I attempt to tick the box, it shows a message stating that I should go to Setting > System > Default Apps. I tried everything there, I don't know what to do. Thank you in advance.

Screenshot of Message: http://i.imgur.com/CB6NKJC.jpg?2
I think that the message is misleading because there is nothing that can be done there in this particular case.
When you go to Settings/System/Default Apps and then click on Set default by app, Control Panel opens to Set default programs where you can set OneNote 2016

But OneNote MUI still opens with the pen button click.
You previously could have the pen open desktop OneNote if that was set as the default, but now you can't.