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Can't touchscreen this


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I notice that posts on this forum sometimes involve complaints against the Surface devices saying something like "I don't need a touch screen".

I'm a heavy Mac user, and now own or have owned the Surface, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 3. Sometimes I find myself laboriously using the Surface keyboard or mouse, forgetting that I can merely touch the screen, and finish the job. And sometimes I find myself touching the MacBook Pro 15, only to leave fingerprints on my beautiful Retina display.

Kind of like when phones went cordless, I would sometimes still stand by the base unit as if still tethered.

Today, a colleague saw me using the touch screen, and proclaimed that feature to be useless, in favor of an output only screen and real keyboard. I let him go on for awhile, as he browsed through his social media, then pointed out that he was touching the screen on his iPhone to do that. He stopped, glared at me, then grabbed his iPhone and iPad and stormed away. ;)
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