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Cell Phone App


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I was able to pair my cell phone with my tablet but nothing I can do past that. Is there a Cell Phone App that will allow you to send text or talk from your cell phone? I don't have a smart phone but what I have works fine with the Bluetooth hands free in my Toyota.


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If you use Google Voice there are apps that let you send and receive texts through that number which can be linked to your phone or directly from a PC or tablet. I am not aware of any app that let's you pair with the phone and then create and send or receive texts on the tablet via the phone itself.


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For the longest time with Ericsson, Sony Ericssson, I have used float's Mobile Agent. If that is what you meant, I don't think I've seen one for the Surface RT.


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Thanks for the replies.

I will research Google Voice. I've heard of it but never really looked at it.

I'm sure someone will write a "Text" app sooner or later.