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Find my Friends & iMessage - new Surface user


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Hi All

I live and work in a Windows environment, at home all the PCs are running Win 8.1, I now have a Surface RT also running 8.1 (recent purchase, great device, liking it a lot, its why the desktops got 8.1 upgrades) and I'm swapping my iPhone 4 for a Nokia 630 which also runs 8.1.

There are only 3 iPhone/iPad Apps that I'll miss:
  • Find my Friends
  • Find my phone
  • iMessage

I'm completely new to the Surface world and Windows Store Apps, I'd be grateful for recommendations from the community for replacements given that other family members will be staying in the Apple iPhone/iPad environment. I particularly want to be able to see where other family members are and send instant messages outside of the cell phone SMS environment as many of the messages I send are to overseas (non EU) mobile phones.

All suggestion/recommendation/comment welcome.


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I've tried a few different messaging apps etc. and although it's far from perfect, I use Skype. You can send message to iOS no problem and have conversations. Push messages work just fine... in fact, (strangely as it's a Microsoft product) it actually works better on iOS than on Windows!


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The desktop version of Skype for Windows is better than the 'modern UI' version. Damned modern version won't even import MS contacts!! :(