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Change back to 4 or 3 tiles...

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Hey guys so I saw the thread on getting 4-5 tiles on your pro instead of the usual three. I actually just downloaded the registry file from here Get Four or Five Rows of Tiles on Your Surface Pro Start Screen — WindowsObserver.com

I do like having 5 tiles but I think everything else that it changes might be a little small. If I went to 4 tiles would it be larger? If so how exactly do I change it to 4 instead? Also, is there anyway to make the fonts and everything else larger while still keeping 5 tiles?


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Size of different items is adjusted via the screen-szie in the registry. There are some post in other threads recommending a nice balance of 4 rows and a usable screen-keyboard size. Font size can be adjusted in the system-settings in the display section (maybe trying 125 or 150%).
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