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4 rows of tiles when connected to projector


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Does anyone know why I have 3 rows of tiles on my Surface RT normally, but when connected to a projector it changes to 4?

A while ago there was a way of changing the number of rows by altering the resolution, and I tried this but decided to revert back. I think it has been different since I reverted back, but I'm not sure how to get back into that edit mode to check.


Edit: I've just realised this should be in the "Help" forum. I can't delete it so feel free to move it for me. :)
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The rows of tiles are set by the screen resolution where the screen is being displayed. MS has different settings for different resolutions and sizes of screen. The resolution of the projector is such that you get an extra row of tiles when connecting to it.
Just in case anyone has this problem, I recently received a replacement Surface RT (due to other issues) and the projector now connects and shows just 3 rows, so I am convinced it was something to do with the internal settings I changed a while back.