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Change button fonction of the pen (OneNote)


Can we change the program startup when you click in the button (OneNote) ?

I have installed the Microsoft Office 2016 software but when I click the button, the OneNote of Windows 10 start and not the OneNote of MS Office 2016.

Can we change this ?

Thank's in advance.


Not sure how Windows 10 is on the SP4 but I tried this on the SP3 with Windows 10 and while it would start the Office version of OneNote (in my case 2013), if I was in tablet mode, it would NOT bring the app to the front. It would open it in the background and leave it there. So I'd have to turn off tablet mode, to get to it.

If someone figures a way to get the app to come up front, on top of the app window in tablet mode, please post.
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Did you try using my Batch File technique to launch OneNote? Perhaps that will bring it up front.


Yes. I had the same problem. However, I don't know much about the options available in AutoHotKey, so perhaps I missed something.

I was searching for a way to somehow launch the actual tablet mode icon I have set up to run Onenote 2013 since when I touch that in tablet mode, it does bring it to the front. I just couldn't find a way to call it.

And BTW, I meant to say OneNote 2013 in my first post not Outlook(I corrected it).