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Charging issue in S2...

So I hooked my Surface up to the charger last night. Light was on, all looked good. Went to bed, got up this morning, and when I went to pull the tablet off the charger, the light was still on. Pulled it off, signed in, then I got the Win8 chime and looked to see that it was warning me I had 5% battery life left.

Nothing was left running on the tablet, screen was off all night. I restarted the tablet and plugged it in again for it to charge. Is this a common occurance or I do have a problem here? It's charging right now, but...


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I'd keep trying and report back findings. Mine charges to full fine, but you could have a faulty charger, which is a better scenario than a faulty Surface. I'm not sure how you'd check between the two, though, besides finding another charger to test (maybe at an MS store).

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Yeah, I'm not sure which it is-although the charger seems to shock me every now and then, now that I think about it. Either way, it's making me consider the extended warranty.


Darn, didn't see this until I posted my own thread (sorry about that, folks).

Got the same strange indications using Surface 2 and Pro 2 charger, and now it's "99% available (plugged in and charging)" after the battery icon started quickly cycling through empty to full on the task bar.

Let's see how far it gets through the day...