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Cheap option for HDMI out?


Hi I just bought my surface pro 2 as a replacement for my laptop and am very excited. However I need to be able to output video to my HDTV. The rep in the store quoted me $70 for the adaptor which I thought was crazy.

I know there were alternatives on the previous versions of Surface but what about the pro 2? Couldn't find anything on Google.

Any help would be appreciated!


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I just bought a £3 miniDP to hdmi off eBay - so far has worked fine with no problems in video or sound.

I also have a miniDP to VGA, but that has been more problematic...


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Yeah, I would just go to monoprice.com or amazon. I personally got mine at monoprice. Just get a mini display port to HDMI adapter, thats all it is.


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As soon as I picked SP2 up, I went directly to Best Buy and purchased a mini display port to HDMi adapter and have been using it with my HDMI projector & 8' screen for about 8 months without a hitch.


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I recommend the mini-DP to HDMI adapter. I bought one of those eBay mini-DP/HDMI cable and it broke the first time I used it. The wires inside the plug are not secured at all and just detached. They did send me a second one, but it was equally insecure.