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Issue with Surface Pro2, Windows 8 and J5Create JUA350 USB 3.0 HDMI Display Adapter


New Member
I just bought one of these to add to my Surface Pro 2. The drivers and software are from a company called Magic Control Technology, which is common and used SIIG and a few other companies that make these USB HDMI display adapters. I installed the device without issue and was able to add a 2nd monitor to my Surface. But I found that once the software was installed both my IE and firefox browsers would lock up when opening certain web pages. I could open Microsoft.com in IE but not MSN.com or youtube.com. In firefox I could not open any websites. Both browsers would stop responding and I had to kill them from the task manager. Once I uninstalled the software everything started working fine again.

I have opened a tick with J5create and I will update with the results as these devices are common and I am sure others will look at this type of solution for their surface.

So what are people using to add additional monitors to their surface? I want to add 2 external monitors. I have one connected to the mini displayport and I was using the J5create for the other. I have looked at this device,

ZOTAC mini-DisplayPort to Dual HDMI Adaptor: ZOTAC - It's time to play!

but reviews are mixed. Any other solutions, aside from buying to monitors with displayport.
Switching to a USB Adapter that uses DisplayLink would be my suggestion, they are much more mature with then drivers and are used by most venders for their USB Docking Stations. They should have a current list of adapters on their site.