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Checking in from the PNW


Hello all. I have been a lurker of the site for some time, but have recently completely went all in and converted the SP as my main work machine from a Dell Latitude E6420. Since then I have been a more frequent visitor viewing how others are using the SP and what issues if any users have been having.

A little background. I am an IT guy (sysadmin) for a company in the Great Pacific Northwest (near Microsoft Campus). I have been an avid Windows Tablet guy for many years. I am still rocking my TC1100 (Windows 7) that I still use on occasion at work and at home.

Recently I was tasked to take a look a some Windows Tablets and see if they would work for some of our remote and traveling users. I took a look at the Dell Latitude 10, Samsung Ativ 700T, and the Microsoft Surface. The Dell Tablet was an immediate fail with the lack of a keyboard. I really like the Samsung ATIV and used that as my primary machine for about a month. Very solid, like the keyboard connection and the look and feel like a netbook. I then switched to the SP and initially I didn't think I was going to like it because of the type keyboard and the feel. However, I really love the size of the device and have grown to like the keyboard. I have been using this now for close to two months as my primary machine and love it. I use the SP in conjunction with a ThinkPad USB 3.0 dock to run dual monitors, extra USB slots, and the Ethernet port. My primary use at work is to remote into servers, so I am not really running a lot of heavy processing programs on the surface. I love the ability to disconnect the SP and take it right into a meeting and have the ability to check email, browse file network, and take notes (hand written) in OneNote.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming SP2 and the other accessories (dock and power keyboard).

See you around...


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I am....I live in Bothell and work for a small boutique consulting firm in Seattle.