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Solved Not sure where to post this but i need help - Serial number

Ok so, my mother's computer wouldn't startup when we tried to login in on one day, so we tried a bunch of stuff like restarting it and none that worked, and before that i had another computer that had a boot problem and we needed disks for it and we finally got some, i've been trying to fix my win 10 computer(not my mothers), than i thought maybe i should try fixing my mother's computer, the problem is hers is windows 8 so i use the media creation tool for a fresh install, however i need a product key just so i can reinstall it i can activate it later, another thing is that she bought that computer which it already had windows 8 inside of it and so she had no product key in her email. So now i need some sort of product key that just allows me to get through this part so i can activate afterwards.


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Well, your name is even more frightening than these computer problems.

But seriously, at this point, you probably need to call Microsoft, or even better, take the computer to a Microsoft Store. The people there can register Windows 10 towards your Serial Number after verifying whatever they can from the previous install (Settings, System, About). I had this happen to me on a SP2 about a year ago when trying to put Windows 8.1 on a Windows 8.0 machine with no documentation.