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Surface Pro 3, yes 3!! UEFI Boot loop Issue. Help please!!


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So as of last night my surface pro 3 is in UEFI boot loop. I was editing a google doc when the doc became unresponsive, i tried to close it but the Surface itself froze, shut down and then booted to UEFI. Im now exiting UEFI only to be put right back in there.

Ive seen a lot on the web about this occuring with surface pro 2 but havent come across any info of it happening on the 3.

I just got done putting very important data on my computer too so i hope to be able to recover that somehow but if this is the same as the issue the 2s were having then i fear the end result will be a replacement from microsoft and my data lost.

Youtube of loop

Ill be contacting microsoft tomorrow.

Please help.