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Chrome and Windows 8 Mode


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Then at 2pm, I wrote a huge long blog comment (you know the kind, really in-depth) and accidentally must have hit back, or forward, or hit on some stupid advert.

You guessed it - my comment disappeared, I hit the back button, and the thing was lost.

Chrome never loses text you have written into forms like that. Even if it crashes (super rare), when you re-launch it magically comes back up with text you entered in a form / comment / blog post / whatever.

That has actually happened to me (Chrome losing my inputted data) but it's very rare.

I can't even really remember why I started using Chrome, but damn it hurts to go back to IE now. The formatting is just horrible.


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By the way.

Not sure if someone else mentioned this, but you can easily get Metro mode back by changing your SP2 screen resolution. I dialled mine down to 1600x900, which IMO is still frankly ridiculously high for such a small screen, and it works.

Simply re-launch Chrome and hey presto. The menu option to "re-launch in Windows 8 mode" is back.

I've got my display set to 1920x1080 and now have the Windows 8 mode option available (I hadn't used to).

Not sure what's changed, because between it not working and now I've installed the Intel graphics drivers and fiddled with DPI scaling and a few other settings. Weird how it's now just automagically appeared working.