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David Puddy

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What kind of cloth are you using, microfiber? And where do you get them., Do you use some kind of liquid as well? I had bought some cheap microfiber cloths before and for some reason they seem to scratch the surface pro 3 screen with tiny invisible scratches that you can only tell when you're using the stylus,.



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I've been wiping my Surface once a day with a microfibre for over a year now and hasn't received a single scratch. I got mine off eBay (use them for polishing the car mainly) @ 20 for £7.99 :)



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I found mine at Ace Hardware. I bought them for all my coworkers last Christmas.


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I would recommend Smitty's Glass Wax. I went to County Fair a couple of years ago and they had a booth set up demonstrating the product and they cleaned my sunglasses and I was like thanks see ya, looks like a gimmic. Then I went outside and saw how much clearer my sun glasses were, I went back and bought two bottles. I have the same two bottles form nearly 2 years ago, a little goes a long way. I swear buy this stuff, got my family hooked on it too.

No product will prevent smudges or fingerprints, even the Whoosh one above or this one here. Keep that in mind when you buy, but it does make cleaning easy and the results are nice, even though short term.

Amazon has it for a decent price: Amazon.com: Smitty's Glass Wax: Health & Personal Care

Smitty's Glass Wax! A Better Way to Clean Your Glasses

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Microsoft state use water and cloth. On both my RT and Pro kitchen roll just damp with water once a day.


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MS also say lens cleaner can be used. I've ordered Whoosh from Amazon. It gets good reviews.


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I use Zeiss lens cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth designed for glasses. Works for everything with a screen. Great for phones and glasses because it cleans off the "face butter" as I like to call it.


i wipe it with whatever is close to me like tshirt, paper towel, kleenex, microfiber, napkin, if its clean and wipes i use it. no issues :)

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