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Color problems after firmware update?


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I installed the firmware update released on Tuesday 12/10, and ever since then I've been having color issues, particularly in video playback. The attached screenshots illustrate the problem. In the first image, notice the pixelation at the top of the image and in the guy's jacket. In the second image, notice the pixelation in the chair, the guy's face, and his suit. In the third image, notice the pixelation in the woman's face, to the right of her neck, and in the car windshield. I know there's a name for this effect, but I don't know what it is. This didn't happen before the update. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

EDIT: I tried uninstalling the Intel graphics drivers, and that fixed the problem. I'm also noticing that the images I posted now look normal, which means they probably look normal to you all, which means that they don't illustrate the problem I was having, which means that you all might think I'm crazy :)

In any case, my question now is do I really need the Intel drivers? Am I missing out on any functionality by using the generic drivers?

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (8).png

Screenshot (9).png
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