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Completely FED UP!! Battery Drain is too much


Well, I have officially had it. After 1+ years using my SP3, overcoming issue after issue (3 different machines sent to me over that time under warranty), and thinking everything has been FINALLY overcome, I am done. Officially and totally DONE.

After installing the latest rounds of firmware updates to fix whatever the issues have been for Windows 10, once again, the battery drain in connected standby is unreal. I can no longer deal with it. I have attached a screenshot of the Sleep Study report I did last night.

I charged my SP3 up fully and unplugged it at 100%, closing the keyboard cover. Wanted to run a test to see if I had fixed it by doing reboot of system. Before the latest "fixes" that Microsoft provided in their updates this week, the reboot worked and I had no more battery issues.

Now, I am back to square one and I have spent the better part of my valuable time trying to get a machine for business to work properly for BUSINESS.

Going from 100% battery to 60% overnight with nothing open, with the machine doing nothing, is beyond pathetic and I am done.

I HATE my MacAir but was given a new one to use, so I guess I have zero choice. Thanks Microsoft for screwing up what could have been an excellent machine and OS fixes.

If anyone else views this and has ideas, go ahead and send them my way, and when I can find the time, I will try to fix and send this machine back to the office.


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Glad you got that off your chest.

A colleague has around 20 or so SP3s they use, only for business, along with assorted SP2s and original SP1s and last I heard they see 3%-5% battery use overnight. That was a week or so ago and on a mix of Windows 8.1 and 10. Because they need to support their customer bases on 8.1 they haven't upgraded all their systems yet but would if they could. They don't have Chrome installed on any of their systems, it's actually a company policy due to battery use issues. Just throwing in my .02. There must be a reason you just haven't fond yet. Hopefully someone here can help figure it out

Have you tried a refresh since the upgrade.


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Id say if you had it in an acceptable range under 8.1 then there's your answer. What BUSINESS function do you have that requires W10? There's still 11+ months left on the FREE upgrade and I wouldn't be in a rush, as I figure it will take at least six months to stabilize W10 to plate spinning on a pole standard.