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Cool software that gives you control over the start button in the taskbar AND the Windows button!

wait for Windows 9 (Threahold)....
Yes, it looks encouraging that Windows9 will bring back the start menu. Looks like they may be officially announcing it on Sept. 30. However, it will probably be a year before it comes to consumers. Plus, it looks like it also has a very Modern UI look to it, so I hope I will be able to branch out and adapt. :) I may end up looking for a Start9 or something......
Thanks for the info. This looks very close, but it doesn't look like it gives you the ability to run your Modern apps in windows while remaining on the desktop OR the ability to tweak the physical Windows button on the SP3 to not take you to the Modern UI. That was just from looking at the info about it on the website. Maybe you can offer more info if it does indeed do these things? The start menu's themselves look almost the same though, which I really like. And, looks like it's only 2.99 to purchase if you enjoy the free trial, so that's super cheap. Thanks again for the info. It's great to give folks some options. :)
I know off the top of my head that it can change what the physical windows button press does. I have it set to go to the desktop when pressed. When I get home I'll check the rest of the settings and let you know.
Ok I don't see an option to keep the desktop available while looking at modern app. You get the option to pin it to the task bar but I know that was a Windows 8.1 change.
Another vote for ClassicShell, I've been using it since Windows 8 came out and never had a problem. They have updates every now and then and it's free :)
So, I just watched the tech preview for Windows10......no 9....who knew?? Anyways, it looks like the first 2 things they talk about are the addition of the start menu and the ability to drive Metro apps in windows on the desktop. HURRAY!! Well, until then--and it's gonna be a while--I'm gonna enjoy these same features right now in Windows 8.1. :) Keep the reply's coming if you have used any of the programs listed above or others to improve your Windows 8 experience.