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why all the start button fuss???


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with all the back and forth on other threads about the start button, why don't more people do the following:

Screenshot (1).png

I was frustrated at first too with the surface pro being my first exposure to windows 8. I was pinning all my apps on the desktop taskbar which is what many people suggested to do. I (like some others who post here) am accustomed to putting frequently used programs in the taskbar and using the start button for less frequently used programs. my taskbar was looking pretty cluttered. but google is your friend!! I read this tip a while back, I can't remember where I found it.

1. right-click on the desktop taskbar
2. choose toolbars -> new toolbar
3. navigate to C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
or if you have shortcuts directly on the start menu root that you'd like to access you can point to C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu which is what I believe the original tip said to do.

don't forget, the "Program Data" folder is hidden depending on your folder settings, so unhide it first if you need to. no more cluttered taskbar, easy access to all my desktop programs, and all without any extra third party software!! :)


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Great tip. I just posted a similar to add the quick launch bar. http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/...4414-inexplicable-choices-ms-2.html#post24489 perhaps after implementing these we might finally end the start buttons whining.
that's what I'm hoping tony, there's some really great folks here with lots of knowledge that helped me out. maybe with more info, people will just become happier with their devices. I, for one, happen to LOVE my surface pro, even with all its freckles. I happen to like the metro interface but also having the option to have a desktop environment. for people like me who wanted a device to replace a tablet (ipad 3) and a notebook (macbook air) with one device, the dual interface is ideal for a combo unit.

most of my really annoying quirks were solved just reading around. I returned 2 type covers because the trackpad would randomly stop functioning and I would have to unplug / plug the keyboard constantly!! I felt like a retard when I read here that the actual keys on the keyboard still work (never even thought to try it in all my frustration) and hitting the control or windows home key or whatever would also revive the trackpad. other minor annoyances, such as the removal of the graphical interface to manage wifi connections, reorder them and such have also been solved too. to me, the surface is a fantastic first generation product!! with a little elbow grease, I've gotten this thing closer to the machine I was hoping for when I was lugging around two devices!! I just posted about my success getting my solar backpack to charge my surface with a rigged cable tonight too!! :) life is good!!


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lol... good catch I saw yours today while I was listening to them and decided to pull that in my screen shot to see if you or anyone would catch it. Had to take pix with phone bc it could not bring up the screen toggle button and take a screen capture at the same time.....


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good to see another fan here!! off-topic but atoms for peace are starting to tour the states here. they're the band that thom yorke started up with flea from the red hot chili peppers and some other musicians. closest shows to me are the hollywood bowl and the santa barbara bowl which I've never been to. trying to go get tickets to see them. saw radiohead about 4 or 5 times and they play a phenomenal show!! :)


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I just use the Windows 8 Start screen ;) Much easier in a touch environment than cascading menus you have to hit just right with your finger. Not bad with a mouse either once you get the used to something new.
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