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Run your Modern UI Apps in windows on your desktop!


Just tried this. Pretty freakin awesome. One of the best parts is that it is easier to force close a Modern UI app just like a desktop app by clicking the close button. Also IE 10 works very well like this and automatically resizes to match the window.
It has been mentioned on here months ago. But after using it a while ago I uninstalled it bc of many bugs. Last wk I gave it a try again. I must say it has gotten better but alot of bugs remain. You will start to get black screens when using modern apps, red screens, apps don't always close out completely I felt it handy with multiple monitors but still because of the loss of some of the snap features I uninstalled it. There was a major bug that caused freezing too. But I did like it. I have another app that is good for multiple monitors that I linked in a post a while ago. I will track it down and add it later. Update link: http://actualtools.com/multiplemonitors/features/multi_monitor_desktop_divider/ this of course is for only dt apps. But curious if it works with modernmix. Still wont cure the bugs with modernmix. It is getting better though.
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