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higuys. I hope this is not a dumb question. I just got my pro yesterday. I notice it gets pretty warm and I wanted to ask how you know if the fan is working or not.i cant really hear anything.. I set my power plan to active so I guess it should come on when it needs to.so how do I know if its on? and how warm does thing get?
any help appreciated.


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Somebody reported 104°F or 40°C.

For reference, my Acer S3 runs at 39°C on batteries with passive cooling.


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There is a big diff between slightly warm and hot. But most of the time I barely hear the fans when they kick in. If you think it is getting too hot you might have issues. I am sure there is an app or program you can run to check the temp but I never had concerns with mine yet.


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You can use a program like HWMonitor to monitor your temps. Download that and run it.

Then download the wPrime Benchmark and run the 1024M test. When it runs you should see your cpu temps increase. 80C is when it starts to throttle itself so the fans should come on a bit before that. I don't know the exact trigger point but I would guess somewhere around 60C the fans should come on.

This should let you know if your fans are working


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The surface pro runs pretty quite in my experience. You probably don't have anything to worry about. There will be instances though where you should be able to hear it

Jay Slasher

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I notice the fans get louder when watching video with the Surface Pro, there is obviously more processing happening when playing back video but I wouldn't call it "Loud" its just noticeable. HW Monitor is a great system monitoring tool.