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Corporate Outlook Email


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All OK for me now, looks like my IT dept was doing work on the mail servers over the weekend, this morning a flood of email came through. So I can now confirm standard web mail settings work fine in the email app


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I'm trying to set up my remote email on the Surface and I can't connect. I can get my mail via Outlook webmail, but not by setting up an email account. Does anyone know if this is an issue with the Surface or if there is a way to do this? Any help, would be much appreciated.



Surface connects to Exchange just fine. That being said, as an Exchange Administrator, I can prevent people from connecting to it as an exchange account on their devices if I so choose. Also, if all the Exchange DNS entries aren't configured for your domain properly, also by your administrators, then you will have to put in all the advanced information since it won't find the information to autopopulate all by itself.

Either way, you will probably be better off to talk to your administrator for assistance.


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The Surface RT does not support the old POP3 standard, only EAS or IMAP. If you are using POP3 get your provider to switch you to one of the other two standards. Beware they may charge extra for it.