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Guest WiFi excludes POP email?


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I was at an all-day business meeting today, and encountered something I had not seen before. (**) The host facility had an excellent Guest WiFi network -- solid five bars all day. I could browse the web handily, however, when I checked for email, I got nothing. My email is POP3 and I use Thunderbird email client. It pretended it was checking, but always came up empty. I knew I had email, because I always do. The host CEO had an IT tech on the periphery, but I didn't get a chance to ask him about it. I didn't care that much, as I wasn't expecting anything urgent, and, these days, living all day without email is just fine. If I had really cared, I could have used the webmail client to check -- but I didn't care that much. Of course, when I got home, I had lots of messages. They all came in quite nicely on my Surface Pro connected to my home network.

Question: Is it a common or occasional practice for Guest WiFi networks to exclude access to POP email accounts? Just curious.



** Yes, thank you; I know I should get out more, but it's so peaceful back here in the woods.