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incoming email to mail inbox not outlook inbox


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I have a Surface RT. As title I am able to send from outlook and account tests ok, but I am not getting mail to my outlook inbox. When I look in the 'Mail' application the inbox there has mail incoming emails. how do I fix?


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You have to have all you t's crossed and your i's dotted in the Outlook settings for it to work correctly. I'd be that it is one of the setting in the setup that is not exactly the way your email service provide needs it. I would suggest you contact support at your email service provider and ask them how to setup the Outlook version that you have to send and receive email. I've had setup problems many times with Outlook do to little changes in different versions of Outlook and sometimes changes in Outlook settings that my email service provider requires. It can be a just a matter of checking a box that you missed. I suggest when you do get it working to document all the settings very carefully for the future. You will undoubtedly need them again sometime.