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CPU Speed under Task Manager


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Just got my SPro and after playing with a lot of setting, I've screwed up the CPU Speed under task manager. It must be with one of the power profiles but I cannot see where I made the change.

Currently the CPU Speed under task manager stays at 1.7g but with CPU-Z I can see the multiplier and speed change alot. I know it was working when I first got it but what did I change? Can anyone whelp me with this?

Thanks and great site

No, I understand that it is a i5 1.7 processor. But under the Task Manager the CPU Speed would change based on the usage. It now just stays at 1.7 under task manager, but I can see it change with CPU-Z.
Under task manager does your cpu say 1.7 or change based on the cpu usage. It has to be power plan option, because "high Performance" locks CPU at 2.3 when monitoring under CPU-Z. The "Balanced Plan" causes CPU-Z to change based on usage. I thought that the CPU scaling was also represented in the task Manager. Who knows????
Good to hear you figured it out. Hopefully that will help somebody else out in the future.