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Creating a game specifically for Surface Pro X - what would you like to have?


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I am really enjoying the SPX and due to lack of apps and games at the moment I have been thinking that I should start creating something.
I have mainly used Unity when creating apps and games before.
I am going to have a look if I could compile to ARM64 that works with SPX or if I can't then 32 bit X86.
I would like to ask here what you want me to create. I am a one man operation and I am doing this because I am interested in keeping this ARM based Surface platform myself and I want to take responsibility to start creating something for it as I can do it.

So what do you wish that I would make for SPX first? (I can make things like 3D shooters, RPG games 2D or 3D)
Give me some ideas for a fun game!

I will update here how the project goes


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As nobody answered yet I just begun yesterday creating a game.
It goes under the project name Mystic Woods.
It is in the horror genre.
You are a visitor in a small town. Outside of the town is a forest where there is a werewolf running around during night time.
Some person in the small town is the werewolf. But during day he/she is a human.
To solve it you have to survive the nights and find out during daytime who the werewolf is and take the human out.
The game will have day/night cycle and the werewolf will be randomized everytime you start playing it again for replayability.

It is the classic werewolf story and there are some games in this genre but I havent seen many new ones.
I will try to make it good with music, sounds and quite good 3D graphics. But optimized so it runs well on SPX :)


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I see you have started, but would like something along the lines of the old ‘Transport Tycoon’.
Strategy, longevity, not too taxing on GPU to keep it at good performance. Make it a nice time killer.
Oh, and native ARM64 version