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Games you were suprised that Ran smooth on the Surface Pro


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I am new here, and this is my first post, but thought it would be interesting to see how many have experienced the same as myself.

Have you installed a game on your Surface Pro that you didn't think would run, and instead it ran pretty well/playable?

Here is a list of what i have ran with surprised results, rather pleasant surprised results:
Tomb Raider 2013
Portal 2
Thief 2014
Max Payne 3
Shadow Warrior
and most recently Dark Souls 2 - runs friggin awesome which was a huge surprise.

Also on a side note, I really enjoy space games, however X-Rebirth is very jerky(many people on different systems complaining as well).
Anyone know of settings/fix that would correct this one game?
Can live without if need be, just thought I would ask.



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All game resolutions set to 1280 x 720. I know some will run decently higher, but honestly on a 10 inch screen this resolution is fine.
I would rather play it safe so when games get intense the FPS do not drop.
Also all games set to mid settings. I tend to turn off things like motion blur and AA again for frame rate increase.
But still, I am amazed some of these play at all.

Even at mid settings these games are beautiful, and I was super surprised that Dark Souls 2 ran at all considering the specs required for the game.
This one is set to mid as well - i thought it would have to be low but that is not the case.
This game was literally just released, and to be able to run nicely on a Intel 4000 GPU is just insane.

Hope this helps, but I really do not want to go through all settings of the games individually.

Some really good space games that run absolutely brilliant on SP2:

Kerbal Space Program

Space Engineers (highly recommended! Like Minecraft/Lego in space crossed with KSP).
half life 2, hlf deathmatch, portal and those types of games I run maxed out. I have train simulator 2014 running at 1280x720 runs great, silent hunter 3 , enemy territory, skyrim (1280x720), unreal 2004, unreal 3, battlefield 2, gta vice city, gta san andreas, race wtcc....I think most game from like 2002-2006 should run maxed ( with a few exceptions like fsx) beyond that I drop the res down to 1280x720


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guild wars 2 ran smoothly at quick glance on 1920x1080 on all low settings. not the best quality but on the surface's small screen you really dont notice any issues with antialiasing being off and stuff like that. looks just as good as my other laptop on medium at 1366x768