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Dead Pixel


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So....I found a dead pixel. it wouldn't be a huge deal, except that its all I see when looking at my screen. Anybody know if the warranty covers this and if I should do anything to fix/replace?

It just makes me so sad.


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1-year hardware warranty
90 days of complimentary tech support

[4] Surface comes with a guaranteed one-year limited warranty.


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Trying to decide if this pixel is worth being without my surface for however long a repair/replacement would take...any way to prove if its a dead pixel? SUPER small dot on my screen, not dirt/dust on the glass


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In my experience, one or two dead pixels won't be covered by warranty. Anything with LCD display, including DSLR cameras. In fact, some manuals will say a paragraph or two about it.

I suggest you try though, perhaps Microsoft will be lenient with warranty claims for their baby.


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I believe hat on a 10 inch screen 1 DEAD PIXEL will not be covered under warranty........I think it has to be 3-4 DEAD PIXELS.


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Had a dead pixel from the instant I first turned on my SurfaceRT. But it went away after some quick sliding around of various screens about 10 minutes into my 1st session. Then, it came back, same spot, in lower right area. Took less time for it to start working again, and has not returned. Circuit board connections may need something like a burst of current to break the possible resistance in a slightly imperfect and extremely tiny solder joint. Before trying MS service, I suggest high screen brightness and quick screen changes.
oh man this is frustrating. My RT had what I can only describe as a light leak in the middle of the touchscreen. An area of 2x5 pixels that was much brighter than the rest, most notably on white. I started with a spot and then expanded over the course of a month (my guess is that something in the LCD delaminated locally). I just got it exchanged and received my replacement back after exactly one week. Now my replacement has dead pixel a third in from top and right. Boy, am I frustrated. I don't want to wait another week to find out my next replacement has something else wrong with it. I am going to call to find out my options. One option is to drive for about 1hour to the next MS Store.
I love the RT, but this is very frustrating...

edit: still the only way to exchange is associated with a 7-10day wait. The rep called the closest store for me and they will exchange it for me when I walk in. Will do just that in the next couple days.
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