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Dead Pixels on Camera


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Has anybody else experienced dead pixels on your camera? My screen itself is fine, but when the camera is covered up when the app is open I can see a few dead pixels as well as a red pixel on the left side of my screen. I took a picture with my hand over the camera (totally black) and can see a few white pixels in the saved picture. Not sure if this is worth exchanging, but it got me concerned.


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I don't think that is a problem with the camera per se. Digital cameras have a problem in low light conditions called noise. This is generated by the image sensor not being able to process correctly if it isn't receiving enough light. What you are seeing is noise. That is the camera image detector trying to make sense of what it is seeing (or not seeing). You could also have a potential hardware issue but not if normal pictures turn out ok. What is the point of trying to black out the camera to take a picture?


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Agreed, it's probably noise. I was using my Surface propped up on my laptop screen during a meeting and opened camera, only to see my black laptop screen which is when I noticed it.