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Dealing with a Broken Hinge -- Duct Tape?


I recently picked up a Surface Pro 4 for cheap, to upgrade from my very minimal first exposure with the Surface Pro 3.

The reason that the SP4 was cheap was that one of the kickstand hinges is broken.

I thought about getting a case for it, but I like the small size of the SP. Then I had an idea!

Has anyone here ever "fixed" their hinge problem (I hear this is a common complaint) by running a piece of duct tape (or better, cloth "book tape" along the joint between the body and the kickstand? It's obviously not going to look as good as new, but it should allow the hinge to function, since the tape will distribute some of the stress that the sole remaining hinge might otherwise have to deal with.



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Haven't tried it. I believe that would work. Medical tape (fabric on one side, adhesive on the other) may be a better cushion.


I ended up using aluminized duct tape...We'll have to see how well it holds up. If it doesn't, I'll get a case. I will say the difference between i3/4GB and i5/8GB is like night and day.


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I've got the same issue with my SP3. Initially duct tape works very well! But the problem is the heat from the unit. The tape comes off and you get sicky glue when touching the back. The duct tape looks properly messy after a while. The glue on the tape is not heat resistant enough. i'm minded to try the aluminium foil given the glue is designed to take some heat + the foil will be better at heat dissipation. But I'm not sure the tape will be able to tolerate repeated bending.
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