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Nike+ Sportwatch


I have had good luck with my Surface pro. I've just gone along and installed anything I've needed without a problem...until now.

I bought a Nike+ Sportwatch. I downloaded the software and my Surface Pro recognized the device. However, though I do know I am registered at the site (Nike+ has confirmed) I cannot get my email and password to let me logon. It just bounces me back to the login page.

This morning I downloaded and installed the software on my desktop at work. I logged into the site with no problem. That was when I called Nike+. They really did not have an answer except they did ask what browser I used. I use IE at home and at work. They suggested that I try Firefox or Chrome on the Surface. I just downloaded Firefox onto my Surface and I'm still unable to logon. I asked Nike+ if it could be a Windows 8 problem because my desktop at work is Win 7. The tech said that was not a reported problem.

I just thought I'd throw this out there in case anyone had an idea and could help. I'll probably be calling Nike+ again tonight.

Thanks, I had to vent a little.