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Docking Station and USB 3 hub? What works?


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I have a SP 2 512 with the Microsoft Docking Station.

Has anyone had a USB 3 hub work when attached to the USB 3 port on the Microsoft Docking Station?

Of the 3 I have tried so far - none will power up a USB 3 video adapter (whether VGA or Display Port or HDMI).

I can get USB 2 video adapters to work when connected to USB 2 slots (either on the actual dock itself or on the hub if it has USB 2 slots). But not USB 3.

I am using the dock with 3 external monitors (1 is the mini-Display Port to Display Port on the dock); and I need to connect to the other 2 monitors with an external device.

After buying and returning the Plugable and StarTech USB 3 external video cards - I have come to the conclusion that the problem is with the Microsoft dock - and the connection to the external USB 3 hub through it. (I have tested this on 3 docks with 3 sets of monitors and multiple cables).

Thought I would ask collective thought on if anyone else was having a problem using a USB 3 external hub with the Microsoft dock AND USB 3 connections on that external USB 3 hub.