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Deleted file issue on libraries expanded to micro sd card on surface rt


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When I first started using the surface rt back in November one of the first things I did was purchase a 64gb micro SD card. Upon installing this I realised that you could basically store files as expected but those files where not accessible by apps. To allow this a library re-direct mod is required. This works great and all my libraries are all pointed to the SD card. However there is one problem I have noticed that every now and then when changes are made to the videos directory all legacy deleted files appear as broken links. Now, what I had been doing is deleting them by hand. As the folder has grown in use it's become a 30 minute job to manually delete these broken links leaving my videos files intact within the directory. Instead of doing the manual delete for what must seem maybe the 5 or 6th time I decided to look else where for some help. It's a shame there is no select all feature like there is on windows phone when you delete your songs from albums. This would make things so much easier.


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Welcome to the forum ptodd_62. When you are deleting the links are you talking about from file explorer or from the app? Both have ways to select all. If from the app try swiping up from the bottom to get the contextual menu bar. If from file explorer you can find select all in the ribbon and can also use keyboard commands like Ctrl + A.