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Delivery problems blamed on CC???


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PreOrderd on Oct 9 MS store online.
From confirmation email:
Microsoft Surface Book - 128GB / Intel Core i5
Release date: Ships by October 26
Qty ordered: 1

On Oct 23 I got an email my cc did not go through.
Seemed to work just fine on the useless dock they shipped and charged my card for that day.
I have talked to the MS store every day this week. I got everything from "you shoud get a ship confirmation any minute" that has slowly changed to we don't know squat to today it has changed DEC 4 th.
I got the most info today by calling the Retail store number. "Corporate has admitted they screwed up" You can cancel your online order and place and order now with a 10% discount and wait to Dec 4th.
What about my current order - "we don't know"

It was a hard decision to spend this much money to start with and then to be treated like this.
I really want this machine but I don't think I can do business with any company that treats me like this.
Going to chill over the weekend and probably cancel the order on Monday.

Sounds like many who got their machine are more frustrated than me :)

Anybody else getting this type of runaround?
Sorry to hear about your issues. I will tell you though, I have been having a great experience. Definitely some issues, but non without workarounds. overall...love it. so don't let all those with problems push you in a direction. Many have had great experiences this first week!
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This is the first report like that I've heard about here. Other than some pepole in Canada not getting their Surface Pros but that was mostly a Best Buy foul up.