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Hi folks,

New member here!

Ordered my Surface Pro 128 on launch day (night) on the MS store site right after the order info came up. (I figured the midnight time announced would be eastern time, so I was on it at 10:00pm mountain.) The site was throwing errors, so I kept hitting "refresh" until about 17 minutes after 10pm, when it came up with the order info ready to go.

Here's my cautionary tale for anyone considering ordering through the MS store site:

I realized that I'd forgotten to add the extended warranty, so I tried to go back in to add it to the order to save $50. The system has no way to edit an order before it ships (lame), so I pulled up a chat window with a Customer "Service" rep. The rep advised me to cancel the first order and enter a new one. I did that, then decided to follow up with a call to Customer "Service," since the system still showed the first order as "in process." Again, I was assured that the first order would be canceled, and I wouldn't be charged for it.

Eight hours later, I got an email from MS stating "so sorry, we see you canceled this order, but we're going to charge you anyway since it's "shipped," just send it back and we'll refund your money in 5-7 business days after we receive the unit." BTW, it hadn't shipped; UPS status stated that a shipping label had been printed, but the unit was still at MS. I guess MS needed my cash (and whatever other poor schmucks') to cover rent somewhere; lord knows, it sure made paying mine pretty difficult.

Anyhoo, that's my introduction; hope everyone had a good experience ordering this tablet.
Sounds like a pretty frustrating experience. Sorry you had to go through that. I got my 128gb pro at best buy 2 days after release. I was extremely lucky in getting mine though. When it comes to expensive tech, I really prefer buying from a brick and mortar store because I can easily just drive to the nearest one and return it if there are any problems. I am not a fan of returning things online because you usually have to package it up again, bring it to the post office and pay for return shipping.