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Surface Already Shipping??


WP Central is reporting that Surface has begun shipping and that people have been getting e-mail confirmations, along with a copy of one such e-mail.

Microsoft shipping Surface tablets, confirmation emails being sent out | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews

I ordered my Surface early in the day on the 16th (32 gig with cover, the $599 model which wasn't showing delays for days afterwards) but haven't yet got an e-mail. My Account still says the order is in process. Has anyone else got an e-mail telling them that their Surface has shipped?


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like you - same day ordering, German store,
status: order in progress.
Delivery expected 26-10-12
32 GB model, without extras.



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Just got a email saying my white touch cover shipped. No ETA yet on the tracking number though. My Surface and extra power adapter are still in process.


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Same here. My 64g is "in process". Just called MS Store and spoke to rep. He did say it has not shipped, but will arrive on date specified in order. I'm hoping for the best, but not going to hold my breath just yet. Common sense would have me believe the farther away from distribution center you are, the earlier it ships via ground. But since common sense doesn't seem to apply as much as it used to, I have no guess as to MS shipping. Somebody mentioned on wpcentral that 32g are going out first. Maybe due to volume ordered, I don't know. But nobody with 64g has gotten a confirmation yet that I remember seeing. This whole process with MS has been a guessing game and I still have to play the guessing game with ATT and Nokia with new 920.


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My order went from 'In Process' to 'Complete' as of this morning, 32GB(no Cover) + Red Touch Cover. Tracking number is not active yet, but I'm super excited!


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Just had a panic moment... thought MS had refunded my money, but it was just their "hold" expiring. I used my PayPal card so I know my cash balance will more than cover it when the final charge goes through at shipment.

Still Processing according to MS


My extra power supply has shipped, but not the Surface (with black Touch Cover).

Oh well, at least I won't have a power (supply) shortage.


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I called the MS Store support and they said that all orders placed before 10.19 would be delivered on 10/26. They confirmed that even though my order status had not changed, I would get my product on 10.26.


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I checked mine this morning online and it states "In Progress." I would really like mine by Friday night so I can goof with it all weekend.