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Did the November 2 firmware fix your issues?


MS released a new Surface Firmware yesterday.

We were at the MS store buying a Surface Pro 4 for one our employee's (glutten for punishment) and when I explained my issues with my Surface book they said a new firmware was out.

Came back and indeed it did update. Big fix was supposed to be the display driver crashing.


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It seems it corrected all of the display issues for some and most for others. It appears to have corrected the issue of changing colors while scrolling in Edge too. Since I never had the graphics crashing I'm only taking this from previous posts.


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Big fix was supposed to be the display driver crashing.
Well, the description doesn't say that on the Surface Updates page even if they told you that, it might have been more wishful thinking. However, it might reduce driver crashes but I cant say for sure because of the sporadic nature, they do still happen. There is a link floating around on some other site that pretty much crashes the driver every time even repeatedly until you close it.

The update does make some things better though and that's a step in the right direction.


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No, the update did not fix the driver crashing and recovering. It is how I ended up on this page today, literally just hit back in my browser and it hung, then driver crash. It is very sporadic.

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The update seems to have fixed my color changes and flickering when using Edge, however I've had a couple of display crashes and recoveries since the update.


Well I can say so far things are much improved.

No driver crashes, although embedded YouTube video's do tend to bring things to a halt. They really need Flashblocker or something similar. You open 6-7 tabs up to read the news and they all play at the same time. On my Mac I had a plug in for Safari, nothing played until I clicked on it.

Still huge improvement. Dock seems to work well.

Had a few minutes to play around with the Surface Pro 4 that I bought too. The track pad feels much nicer on the SP4. I went back and forth on the M3 vs i5 but for what we were using it for picked up the M3 and again very surprised at the performance.


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I still get the Display Driver crashes...especially surfing Craigslist for some strange reason...


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Certain WEB sites are constructed with elements that can cause any browser to crash at some point. Maybe CL is trying to tell you something. ;);) My nemesis is BGR.


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Display driver still crashes and mouse now locks up sometimes requiring reboot.
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