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Did the November 2 firmware fix your issues?


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I have had 10576 as well as a fast insider, and I wish I could say the same. Not only dealing with the dual 4K monitor issues, an external 5.1 sound card doesn't function correctly. All my problems are with the new surface dock and/or USB controller on board the book.


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I still get the speaker pops.....I have narrowed it down though....using Edge and Facebook causes the popping sound..


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Also had a few occurrences now of the trackpad not working on boot. Had to reboot to get it back.


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Nope. Still receiving display driver errors. Not sure what the firmware fix actually "fixed".
Screen Flicker and some additional scenarios, The Driver is still "soft" crashing, the issue is on Intel's side and they are working with Microsoft and the other OEMs on a fix, which they hope to deploy soon...
Some folks are returning their units due to the driver crashes. They were told by MS tech support it is a hardware issue but I still believe it can be fixed via a driver update. Learned this on the MS SB forum. Thoughts?


I am down to 3 problems:
  • Display driver crashes maybe once or twice per day, causes no issue other than a momentary black screen
  • Some flash style videos play horribly slow
  • Opening up 10-15 tabs in Edge will cause it to stop responding for 45-60 seconds, then it comes back and is fine
All are minor issues and no where near the level it was a week ago.

Huge improvements since purchasing

  • The trackpad
  • The trackpad
  • And the Trackpad....it was so close on launch to a MB Pro trackpad, now its identical. Part of the reason I'm still sticking on edge is the pad works better in it. There is more granularity to pinch to zoom compared to before. Scrolling is now super smooth and responsive.
  • Battery life is excellent