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SP4 & MS Wireless Display - 30Hz?


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My SP4 is up to date as is my firmware on my MS Wireless Display Adapter, Version 2. I'm using the extend display option.

While using the MS Wireless Display Adapter, I connect to my second display and it only allows for 30Hz in the driver menu. There is no option to change it to 60Hz. In this case, the second monitor is a TV.

If I connect directly with a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI on the TV - I have the option to choose 60Hz. Everything is fine. If I connect with the Wireless Display Adapter - I'm capped at 30Hz - the 60Hz simply isn't an option

Any suggestions?


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Impatient, I posted the same question on Reddit. I was told it is limited to 30Hz at 1080p and there's nothing I can do about it except lower the res. I guess I mistakenly thought it was 60Hz in the past - and that a recent firmware update capped it. I guess I was wrong and it is what it is.