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Display driver unstable after upgrade


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A few days ago my SP2 went through an upgrade (apparently a major one as it wanted 20 minutes to complete the installation). Since then the display driver freezes the screen when playing "Simple Solitaire" and games in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, both of which I've used for over a year. A notice pops up on the right side telling me the display driver has frozen but it has repaired itself; however, the screen is still frozen.

Is anyone else having this problem with the display driver after a recent upgrade? Is there a fix available?



(correction: the warning notice says, "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.")
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Everyone has the problem. Even if you have a Dell laptop. We have to wait for Intel to fix this (or maybe Microsoft needs to send another team at Intel to fix their drivers for Intel, because the company doesn't care (no competition, consumer don't ask OEM for something else, it's "free" (despite paying an increase price on the CPU to have it, and they all have it), and the fact that the company sees it as a free graphics solution, so why bother investing in anything.