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Display shrinks


I've been nothing but pleased with my SP3 since my purchase. It does it all for me. I initially had some wireless connection problems but that issue is resolved.

Suddenly, well the last couple of weeks, I turn it on and the display has shrunk in from the sides. I'd say about a half inch on each side. It reminds me of the old TVs when the vertical hold was going bad. I turn it off sometimes and it comes back fine. Sometimes not. Is there an update recently that is causing this? Anyone seen it before and have a resolution?

Thanks for any help.


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I must admit; I've never seen a shinkin' display.

If all the tiles and on the desktop the icons and task bar show OK. It sounds like a display setting may have changed. I right click on the desktop and go to display resolution and see it is still set for 2160 by 1440.