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Wacom Graphics Pad


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I have a Wacom PTZ-430 pad I've had for some time now. Just for kicks I plugged it into my Surface RT, and wouldn't you know it worked! This tablet impresses me more and more each day with what it can do.

So far everything I have tried has worked. Right now I am typing on an old GE wireless USB keyboard, while using my Samsung Bluetooth Mouse, which is the big reason I have not made a lot of effort to get the type cover. I have wirelessly printed and scanned daily using my Surface and Canon Pixma MX 452 Printer. The best part of the printer was within 1 minute of turning it on, I was scanning and printing. Again very impressed with my tablet.

I've had a couple of issues, with the battery display and getting an error sometimes while browsing. But today after I was able to get all my work done without even turning on my laptop, I knew this Surface was the right machine for me.